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Did you know that there are ways to improve your website's visibility when it comes to search engines? We will cover the main practices to grow and improve your SEO so you rank higher!
Carpet cleaning SEO can help your website rank higher in search engine results pages, which can lead to more traffic and conversions. In this article, we'll discuss what carpet cleaning SEO is and how you can use it to your advantage.

Why does your website's performance matter more than ever?

Website performance is more important than ever because of the impact that search engines have on business. In order to compete in today's market, it's essential to have a website that performs well organic results pages. Carpet cleaning SEO can help you achieve this goal and improve your website's visibility.

The meaning of carpet cleaning SEO

SEO is short for "search engine optimization." It is a process that can be used to improve the visibility of a website on search engine results pages. Carpet cleaning SEO is a type of SEO that can be used to improve the visibility of a website that offers carpet cleaning services.

The importance of SEO for Carpet Cleaners

SEO is important for carpet cleaners because it can help them improve their website's visibility. This, in turn, can lead to more traffic and conversions. In addition, SEO can help carpet cleaners compete in today's market.

Graph showing continuous growth

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website on search engine results pages (SERPs). There are a variety of techniques that can be used as part of SEO, including keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building.

SEO is important for businesses because it can help them improve their web site's visibility and compete in today's market. In addition, SEO can help businesses generate more traffic and conversions.

Proper Keyword Research and Keyword Audits

Search Engine Research

The most simple technique is to simply go into google and type in a related query. Such as "carpet cleaning services [your area]". This will bring up the search results that google finds most relevant.

And you can also see "people also ask" near the bottom. This can give you a list of questions that you can answer.

The last technique to employ is to check to autocomplete suggestions. When you start typing something into a search engine, Google will provide some suggestions. You may take this one step further by visiting each suggestion individually. After that, peruse the "people also ask" and other options.


There are some great tools to use for keyword research. There are major players such a Moz, Semrush, Aherfs, and Ubbersuggest. Most of these have some free but limited version.

These tools may be quite useful. However, they all have their own quirks to master. The majority of these services are geared towards professional content marketers and SEO professionals. Their pricing reflects their use as a professional SEO tool by the businesses that hire them.

If you don't want to spend a lot of money, I recommend going with the simplest approach. Do search engine research, look at your carpet cleaning leads, and consider what questions they have.

This is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to carpet cleaning SEO and search engines.  But these strategies will help you get started on the right track. And they all require time and effort to implement, once you have already established a carpet cleaning business.

Example of Google Analytics, and where to click to access reporting

Google Search Console

No SEO strategy should leave out Google search console. This is a goldmine for discovering which keywords to search. And which pages do you receive the most traffic from in google search?

To use it you need to add your carpet cleaning website to the Google search console. Then on the left side navigation, there is a button for Performance.

This gives you a breakdown of impressions, clicks, click-through rate, and search position. You can analyze the data based on various time frames. And inspect individual pages.

There is a lot more than you can do with the Google Search Console, but this is a good start.

Example of Bing Webmaster Tools, and where to click to access reporting

Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools is Microsoft's answer to SEO and search engine rankings. It provides real-time and historical search engine traffic data, and Bing will also perform automatic audits for you.

It's important to be aware that optimizing for search engines is a constant process. Nothing in digital marketing is ever "done". You are always trying to improve something or make it more optimized.

Conducting an SEO Competitor Analysis

To conduct a Carpet Cleaning SEO competitor analysis on your carpet cleaning company, you should take some time every week to go through the other carpet cleaning services websites of your competitors.

Your competition in the carpet cleaning industry won't typically do not divulge their keywords on the site unless they are top priority on page or content. But we can get a rough idea of what we think they rank for. And by looking at their Organic Traffic and seeing which words google is choosing to highlight near the search box when you type in "Carpet Cleaning Companies [name of city]."

There are professional tools that can help you pull lists of keywords your competitors rank for.

Local SEO for your carpet cleaning business

Local SEO is optimizing your carpet cleaning website for people who are looking for carpet cleaners in certain areas of the country.

Websites that appear in search engines when somebody searches for carpet cleaners in their area of interest are usually ones that rank high on the SERPS - Search Engine Results Pages.

Local SEO is done by incorporating citations, links, and becoming more visible on Google Maps and search results for your carpet cleaning website. To increase an organization's visibility within the local market.  

This is beneficial because it helps get your name out there more locally while also increasing ranking on Google Maps (which can result in more traffic).  Local optimization may lead to increased rankings across all search engines like Yahoo, Bing, or Baidu - not just Google

Leverage Local SEO To Bring Clients to You

Local SEO should be your top priority when it comes to any Search Engine Optimization.  

Your Carpet Cleaning site will not be found or show up in local search results if you don't have the proper local SEO strategy. It's very important to show up for relevant keywords.  And to make specific service page s tailored to things that people are searching for such as upholstery cleaning.    

If your Carpet cleaning site doesn't appear higher than your competitors, then people won't click on it.  And it's very unlikely that any local customers will hire you without finding you.  

A local carpet cleaning company website that ranks high in local search can easily increase clientele.  Potential customers will click on your name for carpet cleaning service, and they'll even call you.  

list of local citations

Build Citations

Local searches often rely on citations as a ranking factor.   In order to rank higher in organic search results, you need links from these authoritative sites.

Citations are business listing sites that will contain information about your carpet cleaning company.  They will often link to your website.  Which, will act as off-page SEO optimization.    SEO agencies can also help you build these links for local businesses.

You can find business listing websites, such as yelp to add your company to.   We recommend typing in "business listings [your city]" to find many places to host your service pages.  

There are also industry-specific listings for carpet cleaning companies, to create a business page.  Spending a day to build these "local citations" is a good start to your SEO campaign.  That will result in increased Google Map listings.

One key is to make sure that the information is identical across all listings.  Your address, phone, email, and other contact information need to match.

Optimizing your Google Business Profile  

Formerly Google my business, this is one of the most powerful tools for local SEO.   First of all, make sure you claim your Google business profile and confirm the address.  Then be sure to add all the Carpet Cleaning services that you offer.  And add details about your services.  

Having a well-optimized Google business profile is one of the best ways to rise in the Google Map rankings.

And do pay extra attention to earning reviews.  Online reviews are one of the biggest ranking factors in Google Maps.

Surprised man, reacting to the secrets we are about to reveal

The secret of search engines

So what is the secret to a successful SEO campaign? Does it have to be an SEO company, or mastering the technical on-page SEO, and off-page SEO elements?

All of these things are important.  And if you have the budget I recommend working with an SEO agency because they have the knowledge and experience to do this work.  

But read on if you want to do it yourself.  

Research Relevant Key Words

The first aspect is to find relevant keywords.  Think about the informational search query people type into google.  What are the words that are most associated with your target market?

Once you have identified them, use these keywords in your SEO campaign. Analyze competitors' websites to see what sort of keywords they are using.  And study the on-page content on their site.  Every page of your website should be dedicated to a keyword or phrase.

You want a mix of "intent keywords" and "informational keywords".  To research intent keywords consider what someone will type in just before making contact with your company.  To find an informational search query look for keywords that are more fact-finding, or questions.  

Be sure to include these keywords in your titles and meta descriptions.  This is important because the Google algorithm will check to see if you are relevant, and it has a way of deciphering whether or not people will click on your site.

Make sure your Website is Optimized

Most modern website builders and platforms handle technical SEO fairly well.  It's worth using a website testing tool to verify that your site's pages are up to par.  Things like the title tag and meta description are usually handled by the platform's Content Management System (CMS).  

This also means you need to have acceptable page speed and mobile responsiveness.  And be sure to have google analytics setup.

And when you're ready to go live, it's even more important to have a professional website audit.  This will ensure that your site is not only optimized for search engines but also that the code validates and is compatible with all devices.

Search engines understand what a website is about based on "topical relevance".  Basically, they will read the information on all the pages and try to determine who you are and what you do.  

Publish High-Quality Content for your carpet cleaning company

So to really show up high in search you will need to publish stellar content.  To rank well in organic search results you need to establish yourselves as an authority, with topical relevance.  

For most businesses, you will want to set up a blog post page.  And publish content that will appeal to the target audience.  This will take time to create this content.  But in the long run, will result in significant search engine optimized content.  You will gain lots of website traffic for your website's pages in organic results.  This will put you far ahead of most in the carpet cleaning industry.

By investing in your SEO campaigns, and ongoing SEO work, you can gain free traffic and more local customers.  If you would like help from an SEO company then please contact us about our SEO services.

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