Marketing Automation Services

In this post, we walk through what a Marketing Automation service is. And how that benefits your business and team.
Marketing automation is a valuable tool to not only marketers but sales managers and other business personnel. Such marketing tools encompass email campaign management and social media management productivity tools. The best Marketing automation platforms also include customer management functionality and data-driven analytics. It is imperative to find a solution that helps increase contact engagement rates. This is a way to foster a relationship between yourself and customers.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is an umbrella term for software services that automate marketing tasks. Marketing automation software can integrate with various marketing tools. Systems such as CRM's and web analytics tools.  This gives marketers a comprehensive view of their audiences. Marketing automation software is useful for many marketing and sales tasks.  Marketing automation platforms are becoming a business need.   As there is an ever-increasing landscape of Social Media channels.  Rules governing 1st party and 3rd party data.  Managing new leads and past customers becomes a balancing act for old systems.  Without a great marketing automation service, teams are stuck.  Either devoting lots of labor time to managing the various communications channels.  Or their clients (or potential) clients are in limbo without proper customer segmentation.

Leverage marketing automation to increase marketing effectiveness

Marketing automation software provides organizations with the tools to empower marketers.  By streamlining marketing department activities to boost effectiveness. Marketing Automation Services need to operate according to business needs.  Both the scale of operations and budgets. Marketing departments can outsource the setup of marketing automation efforts.  Or even opt for managed marketing automation services. Marketing Automation Managed Services can help marketers increase brand awareness. This in turn generates more leads and boosts sales. Marketing automation services help marketers achieve all these goals.  Automation services can help in developing a well-rounded marketing strategy. All strategies include building strong customer relationships and increasing sales. Marketing automation allows marketers to create cross-channel campaigns, and automate email marketing activities.  Help to generate targeted leads, and tackle social media challenges.

What is a Marketing Automation Service?

Marketing automation services range from the setup of specific marketing automation software.  To full management of the Marketing tech stack. This software system can automate marketing functions.  Such as lead tracking and lead scoring, event management, and email marketing. Businesses use the services to improve their sales and marketing effectiveness.

Marketing Automation Services offer a wide variety of benefits for a business. These services can help increase customer satisfaction.  By directing company communications to the people who need or want them most. They can also save time by automating repetitive tasks that your staff would otherwise have to do.  Think about how much time you spend sending writing custom emails.  Or posting to social media; let alone responding to comments.


The very first step is to check your business goals.  And using the end goals to inform which tools and technologies to use.  This is where our solution architects can consult on the best practices and tools to use.

You want to use a system that can help you do marketing. Each part of the software and automation needs consideration.  Marketing automation is also ever-evolving with new software and technology. We can help plan the Full Marketing Tech Stack.  And with a managed service, continue to improve and refine as the business grows.


Once a plan is in place our professional services set up the marketing automation software.   We have a team of consultants that work with your company. They make sure the vision of your marketing platform runs.   We will connect all the dots to be sure there is a smooth customer journey.  We can write and install the email sequences.


Once your marketing tech stack is set, we use data to drive continuous improvement. We will analyze and use complex data to help you achieve your goals and grow your customer base.  As the marketing automation tools continue to improve; we improve your setup.

Common marketing automation feature sets

Marketing automation services are a time saver for organizations.  Since you need to engage your target audience consider what is available. A marketing automation service will allow your organization to manage your customers’ interactions. Gain insight at every stage of the customer lifecycle. This service allows you to segment customers into groups. And based on certain criteria send them an email or text message with customized content. This content can be related to your product or industry. You can also use this service to watch social media platforms.  Track the influence of these platforms on your SEO ranking.  And set up automated responses to comments made by social media users.

Usage metrics are one of the most important parts of the marketing automation feature set. Because they allow you to track everything that is happening with your marketing campaigns.  Understand where you are reaching your audience and where you need to improve.

Social media automation

Social media automation is a service that allows social media profile updates on a scheduled basis. This can be set up by the company the individual owns, the individual profile owner, or a third party.  Scheduled posts are usually created and scheduled in bulk.  This is a huge time-saving.

Social listening

Social media marketing is effective for gathering insight. By tracking conversations about a company or product through social media channels. The promotion of products can happen through following these conversations and responding.  OR distributing relevant content to people who are interested in that market.

There are many metrics among different platforms that you access.  Including reach, engagement, interactions, sentiment analysis, brand recognition, and more. Your company gains insight into the consumer mind.

Social interactions through messaging apps

Messaging apps have gained in popularity. Smart companies have been leveraging these channels to communicate with their customers direct. These messages come through a bot or a human agent, depending on what the customer prefers.  Some examples are, booking a seat in a restaurant, getting service support, and learning about a product.

Real-time marketing

Real-time marketing is the ability to use clients' data in real-time.  To send them targeted offers based on their interests or actions they have taken. This can be done by using a company's first-party data or a third-party source. For example, a company can have data about their customers' interests. And send automated messages based on those interests.

Posting and scheduling

Social media posting and scheduling is a technology that allows companies to post and schedule content on social media. When using this service, businesses can plan ahead of time.  What they will be posting during different times of the year. This is helpful for holding promotional events or keeping followers engaged throughout the year.

Email marketing automation

This is a strategy that helps you automate your customer communication. Email marketing automation is the sending of emails with no human intervention.  This lead nurturing technique is one of the most profitable.   Email automation is an effective way to create a personal experience. With the help of a series of personalized emails. For both your current customers and leads at every step through the sales funnel.  This means you can send them targeted content based on their behaviors and preferences. Rather than spamming all the contacts with the same email campaign. And hoping for different results.

Drip campaigns

Drip campaigns are automated email campaigns.  Which distribute content over a certain amount of time. Some people believe that drip campaigns are an outdated form of marketing. But email still provides benefits. Businesses use drip campaigns to hold the interest of their customers and to promote new products or services. Companies also might use them for customer retention or increase customer loyalty.

A few clear advantages of drip emails are that you have more control over the frequency with which your customers receive emails.  You don't need to worry about finding creative ways to come up with fresh content. Instead, make the email content once and schedule a series of emails to run overtime.  Finally, this kind of campaign can be used with many different types of businesses.

Behavioral trigger emails

Another common feature for your marketing automation system is behavior-based triggers.

One of the most common behaviors that trigger automated emails is clicking on a certain link or making a purchase. For example, if you sign up for a mailing list, you may receive an automated email thanking you for signing up.  And welcome you to check out the website. If you make a buy on an e-commerce website, you may receive an automated email receipt.  

Segmentation and batch emails

A marketing automation platform can segment and send emails.  By grouping recipients based on common characteristics.  Such as their location, age, or buying history.  This allows businesses to send targeted messages that are more likely to be relevant to the recipients. Additionally, batch emailing can help reduce the amount of time spent on manual email tasks.

Mobile optimization

When you send an email marketing campaign, you want to make sure that it looks good on all devices. This includes mobile phones. That's where mobile optimization comes in. With mobile optimization, your email will be the correct size and format.  This makes it easier for people to read on the go.

To create a mobile-optimized email, you'll need to use a responsive template. A responsive template will resize and reformat itself based on the screen size of the device it's viewed on. This ensures that your email will look good no matter what device it's viewed on.

Lead Database

Every company will need a database of contacts, with the associated communications.   The leads database is the starting point for all other automation.  Make sure to create and maintain a standard for all leads and contacts. By assigning them statuses and keeping data uniform. Common statuses are Lead,  Prospect, Active, Inactive, etc.

Customer Relationship Managers or CRM are one of the most common pieces of software for a sales team.  But this should also be a big consideration for the marketing processes.


A good marketing automation platform will have a form feature.  That allows an embedded form in landing pages. This will allow you to collect information from potential customers. The form will also include all the necessary fields. Such as name, email address, and phone number.  Having options for designing, and optimizing for mobile is important too.

This is a cornerstone of lead generation practices.  A form should also collect invisible properties.  Such as where that web visitor came from.  And advertising parameters such as a Google click Id.


A marketing automation platform can segment leads by their activity and demographics.  Or their actions on the website, by their location, or by psychographics. This allows businesses to target their marketing efforts. So that the leads that are most likely to buy receive more content and marketing efforts.

Lead scoring

Marketing automation helps you find the people that will be most interested in your products and services. You can use lead scoring to decide who to talk to first. Lead scoring will take a set of variables. Such as location, demographics, customer behavior, and strategic business goals.   And, score leads on how close they are to the end goal, whether it's responding to a campaign, or making a purchase.

Dynamic Personalization

Dynamic personalization is when your marketing efforts are specific to the person.  This means each contact will receive different offers or messages.  The content is specific depending on their profile. This can be used for everything from email campaigns to ad copy.

Building an effective dynamic personalization strategy will help you increase your conversion rates.  And in turn, generate more revenue. It's the ultimate way to provide tailored experiences that work for each person.

Task and Alert Automation

Tasks are usually relegated to the sales team.  This can be something like calling a client.  These sales automation are a key feature for lead nurturing. As it's often difficult to track contacts in multiple channels.  Having alert automation to notify sales teams on an ongoing basis is a lifesaver.

Marketing Automation Platform

There are two schools of thought; all in one platform, or best in class tools.  An all-in-one marketing platform should include all the tools and features you need. These features can range from Email marketing, Lead management, and social media management.

You don't have to spend time on tasks that you should be spending on growing your business. It's the perfect way for small and medium-sized businesses. A platform to automate their marketing efforts, save money on pay-per-click ads, and more.

One of the biggest advantages of an all-in-one platform is faster setup, and fewer systems to learn. For small to medium businesses who don't have extensive marketing backgrounds and budgets.  The all-in-one solution helps brands set up and automate their campaigns fast.  This can be the best marketing automation for most businesses.

The downside is that these platforms can be limited when it comes to customer segmentation and fine-tuning your strategy. This can lead to marketers spending excess time on tasks such as creating lengthy email lists, segments, and tagging.

There are several popular Marketing Automation Platforms:

  • Hubspot
  • Salesforce
  • Active Campaign
  • Go High Level
  • Mautic
  • Marketo
  • Keap

Marketing Automation Software

If you decide to go with best-of-class tools, you will need to connect several pieces of software together. By connecting the best tools for your needs. And using integration tools you will have access to more marketing automation features.  But there will be more work to set up your workflow automation.  The advantage of this type of software is a more fine-tuned strategy.

Your Marketing teams will have access to the best marketing automation offers.  And by using the best marketing automation tools available, you can run targeted campaigns.  And fine-tune the process to have sales-ready leads.

Marketing Automation Solutions

With literally thousands of different solutions available.  It is very difficult to find the right solution for your company.  This is where we help.  Because the buyer's journey, sales cycle, and lead generation strategy vary so much.  Our expert team of business professionals simplifies the process. We can incorporate sales operations and account-based marketing.  While using marketing tools to consolidate all your marketing needs.

Marketing Automation Strategy

The first step as your marketing automation vendor is to determine the automation strategy.  We use your business goals as the foundation for our marketing automation service.  We will consider your existing customers. To determine the best way to handle customer relationship management. We will also deep dive into the prospective customers you have and consider the automation tools you currently use. Based on this we can recommend the best combination of marketing automation software. Or marketing automation platforms. Once we have the Marketing strategy in place, and defined marketing processes we will move to the next stage.

Professional Services

During this stage, our business professionals will set up the marketing tools. We will be sure that you have access to many marketing channels, and tie all your marketing needs together. We connect all your marketing tools.  Set up workflow automation based on the process we outline.  And make sure marketing data feeds into a centralized location.  

Additionally, our team uses Project management software. To help keep the project moving. During this stage, we also train your staff in the new marketing tools and processes. We'll hold seminars and workshops to make sure everyone is on the same page.  When it comes to the effective implementation of marketing automation strategies.

We offer phone and video call support during this time, as well as remote access for you to see what's going.

CRM Solutions

That customer data needs to feed into your customer relationship manager - CRM. This is the place where you house your current customer data.  New customer data, and lead generation efforts will end up here also.  We have the expertise to integrate the marketing platform with the best CRM's in the market.  We will set up your CRM with marketing automation software. This allows for campaign management, lead management, automation segmentation, and marketing solutions. It is important that you have the right marketing data in your CRM to give you the most accurate information for future marketing efforts.

Marketing Efforts

You Marketing Efforts will be much more effective by considering the marketing data at hand with existing customers.  Using automation tools and proper lead management causes the multiplier effect.  This is where you have a single marketing activity that leads to many results.  In this way, you will be able to reach your target market, generate leads and prospects for the sales team.

Notice that lead generation is not used only as a tool to attract potential customers. But also serves to engage existing clients.  This long-term relationship management increases Life Time Value.  And additionally helps to generate more referral business.

A bridge between sales and Marketing

Your customized marketing automation solution will act as a bridge between sales and marketing.  No longer will marketing and sales teams be 'siloed'. Marketing and sales will be aware of the marketing strategy.  The automation tools for lead nurturing, and real-time customer engagement. Your social media accounts will drive customer insights. And new customers will be aligned with the marketing and sales promises.  

We are the marketing automation services that companies trust to deliver a return on their investment.

Whether you're trying to sell your company or win new customers, our marketing automation services will help you hit the mark.  Our marketing automation experts have helped some leading brands create custom online solutions. For lead generation, lead nurturing, and social media activation.  Our experienced team can roll out your campaign in a matter of months, with measurable results.

Whether you're an innovative start-up or a large enterprise. We can help you manage and grow leads, prospects, and customers throughout the entire sales cycle.  

Sales Process

Sales are the most important asset of any company that offers products or services. These processes determine the success or failure of your company and must be set up out with an enormous amount of attention to detail. Your Marketing strategy serves as your virtual salesperson.  By using marketing automation solutions your sales process can become much more efficient.  You will also improve the customer journey while leading nurturing.

This is where Marketing Automation Services come into play.

Marketing automation tools allow you to reach potential clients in an almost inhuman way. By automating your lead management. Make sure that every single one of them experiences the same marketing campaign. This eliminates the number of possible variables. And helps predict how a potential client will react to your product.

By implementing marketing automation in your sales process, you'll be able to reach prospects. Before they do business with your competitors. It is an automatic way to make sure all leads convert to clients and gives you the ability to generate more leads.

As a result, companies are able to scale their sales efforts easily while increasing revenue. Your company will be ready for the digital future, by focusing on your product instead of selling it. This freedom allows you to concentrate on your business's other aspects, such as marketing.

Marketing Data and Optimization

The final piece to the puzzle is ongoing process improvement.  As your business goals evolve, and your marketing solutions become more robust.  You gain more and more data and are better able to market in multiple channels. You can further refine your customer segmentation and client purchase history.  Your system becomes more sophisticated so that you can actually make data-driven decisions.  Your Marketing Hub has to lead to higher-value relationships. You have improved your automated segmentation. And lead nurturing into a smooth process.

Your Marketing journey is not complete, yet.  Your Marketing platform can still get optimized further. Use the latest marketing automation tools (including ones not yet released), and the volume of data you have collected.  This will allow for an ever-improving marketing automation solution.

While you are improving your marketing automation platform.  And use the data collected to make informed decisions about future developments. If certain tactics work better than others, then continue doing them. But if other campaigns didn't gain traction, then stop using them immediately.

Your company's success is defined by how well you put the right product in the right hands at the right time.

Marketing Automation Services can help you gain more insight into your sales process. This will give you an edge over your competitors, allowing for a larger piece of the pie when it comes to sales. You will also be able to increase the volume of leads and revenue generation. The insights you gain from marketing automation will aid in future decisions.

Marketing Automation Services can be put into place, and then improved upon over time. This allows you to focus on other aspects of your company that are important to your business's success.

It has never been easier for businesses to increase market share since they no longer have to rely on a human touch.

Marketing automation services help marketing professionals automate repetitive tasks. To save time, generate more leads and sales opportunities, and improve marketing efficiency. If you’re looking for a way to streamline your digital marketing efforts.  And work smarter not harder. Then contact us today. Our team of experts can audit your current website and marketing strategy. Review your social media strategy with Google Analytics tools. This allows us to identify the best strategies for improving ROI. And based on this data-driven analysis, set up specific campaigns. And using advertising platforms to drive traffic.  into your funnel while creating an experience that is personalized for you.

Marketing automation is no longer a tool only for the biggest companies. Small to medium-sized organizations actually enjoy marketing automation tools, as much if not more.  

We offer a customized marketing automation campaign that is built for you and your audience. Marketing automation helps teams automate the process.  By serving up content, collecting leads, and qualifying those leads.

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